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Power companies pour scorn on plans to avoid blackouts

Revelations in this morning’s Times that National Grid’s strategy for keeping the lights on is ‘in disarray’  will come as no surprise to anyone with half an eye on the UK’s precarious energy situation.

Whilst tacitly acknowledging that power cuts are likely to happen in the next few years is a big step towards confronting and dealing with such a major issue for the country,  the fact that the remedy is still no close to implementation should be of concern.

We still laughing at the bit where National Grid outline plans to set up strategic reserve power stations and that    “The power stations would be paid special subsidies to take part, funded by levies on consumers’ bills.”  For the last few years the big power companies have been paying their PR companies to vociferously belittle the concept of renewable energy because of the subsidies and now they want more of your cash to do what they are already paid to do.

More ominously for companies who require a reliable electricity at a stable price is the comment from Peter Atherton, an analyst at Liberum Capital. who said that electricity prices could rise if the reserve was not effective and there were power shortages.

This won’t end well….

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