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The ban on sale of petrol and diesel car could be implemented by 2030

In 2018 the ban of petrol and diesel car sales was set for 2040.  Last week Boris Johnson said that the deadline would be accelerated by at least five years to 2035. However, recent news reported in The Times is that some government advisers are urging the Prime Minister to accelerate the phasing out to as early as 2030 – that’s just 10 years!  

Despite car manufacturers being invested in zero-emissions, there is no real governmental plan or guidance in place as to how they should achieve these targets. 

How are you as a business going to meet these targets? Refuelling your EV with renewable electricity from your roof sure feels good and does good. 

Mypower’s growing fleet of EVs are being charged from our roof;  installing commercial solar panels provides electricity at around 4.5 pence a unit , fixed for 25 years. This compares to a price of around 15p/ unit supplied from the grid. Power your EV and power your business from your roof with solar PV. It will go a long way to the UK meeting these targets and save you a lot of money.

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