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Electricity generation from sun rises to new UK levels

Electricity generation from sun rises to new UK levels

Renewable energy generation records from solar and wind in the UK has repeatably been broken over the last month. Solar PV powered almost 30% (compared to 23% in the same period in 2019) of the grid at its peak due to the good weather, low pollution and falling demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has also meant that the national grid, as of the 14th May, has been operating for 34 days without the use of coal. This is the longest period the UK has seen and its still increasing. 

The National grid said they had been planning for conditions like these but they were not expecting to happen so soon. They had to recently take a nuclear reactor partially offline to maintain grid stability and pay EDF Energy to limit its output. 

We know that this pandemic has put the already troubled oil industry into its own crisis with production and storage. Solar PV has no fuel requirements so is a much more resilient source of electricity to those which rely on supply chains which are easily disrupted as this pandemic has shown us.

Mypower continue to install commercial Solar PV (with social distancing measures in place) for buiness owners and landlords. For more information, advice and a budget estimate to demonstrate the value that solar PV can bring your business now and for the long term please contact us.

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