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How Solar Panels Can Protect Your Business from Rising Energy Costs in 2022

One of the biggest effects that we are all seeing on our lives in 2022 is a massive rise in the cost of energy. There is a global crisis in the supply of energy, as a result of a number of different factors.

The increase in demand from a cold winter last year in Europe, a hot summer in Asia (and, therefore, a need for cooling), and fewer energy exports from Russia are all contributing factors. The war in Ukraine and instability that this brings, with the sanctions that are being placed on Russia, are also helping to create what has been cited as being a ‘perfect storm’ of demand and supply issues in the energy market.

This is pushing energy prices up for everyone, not only affecting how much we are paying to heat and cool properties but also the cost of manufacturing processes and moving products around.

For businesses, this can greatly affect the way that they operate, and often result in lower profit margins or the need to increase the price of products or services. One way that businesses can begin to protect themselves from these extortionate energy price rises is by installing solar panels.

How Can Solar Panels Help My Business?

Photovoltaic solar panels are large panels that are normally placed on the roof of a premises and used to transform energy from the sun into electrical energy. It is a process that involves the converting of light energy, through photovoltaic cells, to electricity that can then be used in your property. You will commonly see these on house roofs, but we are increasingly seeing them used by businesses to help to power their activity.

By generating your own energy, you can reduce the amount that you are taking from the national grid, make big financial savings for your business as well as protect it from other supply risks.

Switching to renewable energy is one of the easiest ways to cut your energy costs and minimise environmental harm. Renewable energy needn’t cost more either with Solar PV saving you around 65% on electricity bills.

The amount of money that you would save directly on energy by using solar panels depends on factors such as how much energy you use in the first place, how many solar panels you have, and where they are placed.

Improved Energy Security

In addition to the financial savings that can be made once you are using your self-generated solar energy, your business can also benefit from improved energy security. The stability of the provision of energy is very fragile at the moment, and by installing your own solar panels to harvest your own energy, you can reduce your reliance on other energy sources.

This means that your business is more resistant to fluctuations in the energy market, both in terms of price, but also supply.

Other Benefits to Fitting Solar Panels for Businesses

There are many reasons why fitting solar panels and generating your own green energy can be extremely beneficial to your business. Of course, the price savings and boost in energy security are big factors, but some of the other benefits include:

It’s better for the planet – As we all look to work towards reducing our carbon footprints and saving as much energy as possible, solar energy is one of the renewable, green energy sources that we should be looking to employ. Solar power does not use up finite resources or damage the earth as it is harvested (and is readily available even in the British climate).

It can help to boost employee morale – We all know that employees are more productive when they are well-motivated and have high morale. Showing that you care about the environment is a great way to show your employees and customers that you are caring and socially responsible, helping to make them feel proud to work for you and buy your products or services.

It can boost your reputation – The public is increasingly looking to take their business to companies that reflect their own values. As the public becomes more and more concerned with the future of the planet, showing what your business is doing to reduce your carbon footprint is essential. By promoting your green credentials – such as the percentage of your energy that is made up from solar energy, you can give your reputation a green boost.

It is more important than ever that we look for ways that our businesses can become more secure in their energy supply, and green energy such as using the energy from the sun is the ideal solution.

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